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I am Sabbir Ahammed .Nick name Ringku.Live in Godenail ,Narayanganj,Bangladesh.I m working as a freelance Photographer .
I ‘v Masters degree on Economics,Beside I did complete 1 year Non Advance Course on Photography from Yogyakarta Indonesia.I love travel and know about human life.I love my Camera too much .Its my Heart …..

Let's make something great together.


What is Going on Lately

Stone Life

In Bangladesh, there are some places where people collect stone from mine and crass them with machines and use it in development work. Behind this

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My Cycle

               More than 18000 islands in Indonesia. The people of Indonesia are industries and very friendly. All of them

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Animal Hut

Eid-ul-Azha is one of the biggest Muslim religious festivals in Bangladesh. Keeping in view the Eid-ul-Azha, the farmers prepare to raise cows, buffaloes, sheep and

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Brick Field

Brick is essential to build a Building. Raw bricks are made by the soil. At first it dry under the sunlight. A few days later

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