Brick Field

Brick is essential to build a Building. Raw bricks are made by the soil. At first it dry under the sunlight. A few days later it burnt with fire and finally made the bricks. At the time winter season, businessmen start making bricks. For that, they bring some labours with their family to work in the brickfield. Those labour made houses like a slum beside the brickfield temporarily. They work here till the rainy season. In a brickfield, all family members work together  From making soil to burning the bricks. The labour work here in the winter season and go back to their village at the time of the rainy season for agriculture work. Most of the brickfields established beside the river. Some labours bring the soil by boat, Some labours mould the soil with machines, Some times mould the soil to use bulls, Some labours make raw bricks and put them in an open place for sunlight and Before burning the bricks A long time raw bricks dry with sunlight.

Child labour is engaged with this job, they don’t go to school. Their family doesn’t want them to go to school. The lord of brickfield hires them because of the low cost. Brickfields ash is very harmful to the environment and the climate.

Sometimes government officers go there and find them to destroy the environment and for child labour, the load of brickfield doesn’t allow journalists entry into their brickfield.

By Sabbir Ahammed

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