Stone Life

In Bangladesh, there are some places where people collect stone from mine and crass them with machines and use it in development work. Behind this development is a group of hardworking people.  People collect the stone from mine, called them seasonal workers. At the time of the rainy season, they don’t have jobs. It’s almost 3/4 months. They are not local in this area, they come from other parts of this country. Man/Woman and their Children also engaged in these jobs. In a word, a full family works together.

Some people pick up stones from under of soil. Children and women carry these with a kind of basket to the lorry. During the winter they start to collect stone and crass all of the year with the crasser machines. There are thousands of families engaged with this job. Their lives are very simple, they don’t have any high ambition even they disagree to send their children to school. Early in the morning, all family members start working together and they bring their lunch with a small pot and at lunchtime, they eat together. Sometimes they got accident doing this job and it brings bad times in their lives.

At 5 ‘o clock they stop work and back home and wait for new days.

By  Sabbir Ahammed

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